Snowy Hollows... our virtual hideaway in the mountains, away from business applications, jira tickets and tricky discussions on current political issues.

In Snowy Hollows we indulge ourselves with making things purely for the joy of creation - although we always hope that someone will enjoy them and secretly even dream that maybe one day our love children will be able to repay us for the gift of life.

If you don't mind wasting some time with us, download one of our games and have fun.


A casual mobile game, a cross between Same Game and Bejeweled. The added twist is that the board twists (aha!), allowing for new, fun strategies. For those who don't find that encouraging - Miftu has cute graphics, entrancing music and magical sound effects...

Get it!

Adirondack Blue

A simple platformer focusting on exploration, simple controls and ambient soundtrack. [still in production, possibly a vaporware]

Kee & Ole

A minimalist logical game with the simple aim of reaching a keyhole with a key. [still in production, possibly a vaporware]